Police in Spain uncover 4 tons of oranges in a auto chase


The oranges appear to have come from the town of Carmona, where a theft had been reported at a warehouse some hours earlier. That's especially true when you're dealing with orange theft.

As a convoy of vehicles - a Suzuki sedan, a small estate auto and a van - was attempting to flee with the citrusy loot, it came across a police auto on routine patrol and abruptly changed direction, according to local media reports.

How many oranges can you fit into two cars and a van?

Inside one vehicle, they found a couple and their adult son, and two brothers in the second.

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The care was stuffed with hundreds of oranges. The pictures, posted on Twitter by the city's emergency services, shows police officers putting the oranges in sacks. The cops still suspected their origin, and it was soon discovered that the oranges were stolen from a shipment.

One of the suspects reportedly told police that they had picked up the oranges from the ground.

The group also lacked the legal paperwork needed to transport such a massive quantity of fruit. Officers initiated a short pursuit with the drivers along a dirt road before being stopped. The four tonnes of stolen fruit are worth € 1400.