Oh. Rats.: Arbitrary Rankings from The Bachelor, Ep. 8


Surprisingly, "The Bachelor" chose to cast Arie Luyendyk Jr., the runner up from Emily Maynard's season-over five years ago.

Interested in The Bachelor? She couldn't say she was ready, but she reiterated that she was falling for him.

Kendall introduces Arie to her passion: taxidermy; but oddly, it becomes a romantic, if quirky, date.

"I'm close to the remaining girls, and everything is going to play out. I was a little bit relieved", she said, explaining that she pictured herself with Kraus while watching Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette. "And I'm falling for your sister". "Lauren is a Scorpio, and she has a pileup of planets in Scorpio, so she's private, she's got the depth, she's got the personal power, though Scorpios can be very careful about how they use their power".

The brunette beauty had no problem admitting her shock that he backed out of being The Bachelor, however. At this point in the season, often the contestants have been filtered into whatever production wants for them to be - it's the end product of spending so much time on-camera and having nothing to focus on other than Arie Luyendyk Jr. for the majority of the past several weeks. She's much more of an adventurer, which you'd think is odd given he was a racecar driver, but she has much more of a questing spirit.

Krystal also called out Arie for encouraging her confident behavior, which made her an enemy of the other women in the house. That is simply a good friend of hers.

While Arie and Becca's candied apples look delish and Lauren B. and Arie dine on crab legs, the only food that matters are the teeny tiny weiners that Tia's family toasts with in Weiner, Arkansas. "She's enough like him that they could communicate easily, and the way they approach life would be pretty similar". The race doesn't prepare Arie for the rapid fire questions Tia's family has planned for him. That said, adds Biehl, "I still think there are better matches". The date is described as "tense and uncomfortable " family dinner.

Gary doesn't mince words when he asks Arie, "Are we wasting time here or is Becca the real deal to you?"

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For the pivotal rose ceremony, Arie invites the women back to where it all began: Bachelor Mansion.

"I just felt very misunderstood in this whole entire journey and I got very in my head", she continued.

Arie's not quite at the level of Ben Higgins telling both Jojo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell (from his season) that he loved them, but these are some big promises to tell four different families.

"We are close with the remaining girls, and it's very hard to see girls that you are friends with go through that", she added.

Their meeting seemed adversarial from the get-go, with Lauren's family seated across the room from Arie in a meeting punctuated by awkward silences. Well, that and the fact that that she is kinda meh on Arie. The two seemed to connect after Arie shared a story about participating in a goodwill tour of Iraq to visit US troops.

When Arie arrived at Virginia Beach, Lauren took him horseback riding on the beach.

Arie asked for her mother's blessing but rather than give it to him, she said that she would have to trust Lauren.

At the rose ceremony, Arie has a tough time with his decision, and even has to walk away from the group to gather his thoughts before handing out any roses. Before he could present any roses, Arie needed to step away for a minute to collect himself.