North Korea says USA is considering attacking them


While addressing human rights violations in North Korea has traditionally been part of the US' North Korea policy, bringing up the issue at a sensitive time when two Koreas are engaging in dialogue sends a message to both Koreas, an expert said. Kim said in a radio interview.

Kim's visit comes as Seoul pins its hopes on high-level talks during the February 9-25 Games between not only the two Koreas but also the North and the United States.

In January, the North reopened a hotline with the South at the truce village of Panmunjom.

Asked what the basis was for his assessment, Wood said he had "no new information to share".

The increasing pressure on North Korea also comes amid speculations that the Trump administration is seriously considering a limited military strike on North Korea.

President Donald Trump spoke with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday, a day after the US leader attacked the U.K.'s health care system. The UN General Assembly also passed a resolution to impose economic sanctions in a bid to achieving a fully denuclearized Korean peninsula which has been under high tensions since the end of the Korea War which ended in an armistice in 1953.

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The editorial goes on to accuse Trump of laying the ground work in the minds of the public for military action against North Korea, which is one accusation that many America pundits have echoed. After raising concern to National Security Council officials over their consideration of a preemptive strike against North Korea, Cha wrote an op-ed for the Post claiming such an attack would "exacerbate" the "threat of proliferation".

Even with an Obama-era treaty that reduces both the USA and Russia's nuclear arsenals, preventing them from reaching their full effects, Trump's new policy essentially reverses the intention of this treaty, encouraging the improvement of nuclear weapons despite the treaty's original intent to reduce them globally. In this scenario, the North Korean leadership would confront a stark choice of either using these weapons of mass destruction to maximum effect or risk losing them in follow-on USA precision munition strikes.

The orchestra is scheduled to perform at Gangneung, near Pyeongchang, on Thursday and in the capital, Seoul, on Sunday.

"The recent developments put South Korea at a hard position". Yi said around 60,000 security personnel would guard Olympics venues. At last week's State of the Union address, however, Trump's speech did not include his usual name calling directed at North Korea's Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, but based on the reclusive state's public response, Trump may have cut Kim deeper using traditional political showmanship than he ever did calling him, "Rocket Man".

"The challenge posed by North Korea's nuclear and missile programs is perhaps the most significant foreign policy challenge our nation has faced in decades", the letter continued.