New Emoji Coming to iOS Devices Later This Year


Notably, the superhero emoji and supervillain emoji are getting support for new genders and skin tones, plus the man and woman emoji are getting different hair styles. That includes 77 new characters with a range of skin tones and modifiers.

On Wednesday, The Unicode Consortium released Emoji 11.0, which includes a finalized list of 157 new emojis. Apple, among other companies, uses the Unicode Emoji standard for its various operating systems, like iOS and macOS.

Among the newest additions are: superheroes and supervillains, redheads, infinity, hot face, cold face, partying face, woozy face, a host of new animals, toilet paper, skateboard, magnet, bagel, and much more.

As far as activities, there's now emoji for activities such as softball, knitting, chess, Frisbee, lacrosse and skateboarding.

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The new "lobster" emoji, or is that a crawfish?

Australian mango grower-funded organisation, Hort Innovation, played a role in pushing for a mango to be included in the update by funding a social media campaign which was the basis of their proposal.

In September, the independent senator sent a letter to the California-based Unicode Consortium pressing for the emoji, highlighting the crustacean's economic and cultural value to Maine. In the meantime, Unicode 11.0 is scheduled to release in June of this year.

The blog post by Emojipedia offers iOS users a glimpse at the new characters they will likely have access to later this year.