My Nintendo Gold Points can soon be spent on the Switch eShop


Say what you want about Nintendo games, just about every other facet of the company merits complaint-whether it's online connectability, the rewards system, or the Wii U. Today, however, the gaming giant announced an overhaul of its Nintendo rewards program.

Regular digital buyers are about to get a boost from My Nintendo.

Once the new Gold Points update rolls around, players can then use their collected Gold Points on an "eligible digital purchase" for the Switch, which includes "games and DLC" from the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo's USA page reports.

My Nintendo users acquire Gold Points by registering specific digital games for Nintendo Switch, Wii U, or Nintendo 3DS with the service, as well as physical Switch games.

Since the release of the Switch in March a year ago, Nintendo has released some big hits when it comes to first party games.

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Since the launch of My Nintendo in 2016, Nintendo fans have benefitted from a range of rewards, including in-app items, exclusive discounts and more. For example, any Gold Points you earned in March 2017 will remain valid until the end of March 2018. Each Gold Point equals 1 penny, so you would need 100 Gold Points to take 1£ off the price of a game.

That means that £40 spent on the eShop will net you £2 off for later purchases, while buying a £40 game on cartridge can be turned back into 40p. While this seems to be the direction of speculation, Nintendo hasn't definitively set the value of a single Gold Coin.

Keep in mind that Gold Points are valid for one year.

Stick around for updates on whether this new 5% system for My Nintendo is exactly as it seems. Gold Points could be exchanged for software discounts, and Platinum could be exchanged for digital rewards, such as 3DS themes or wallpapers or, sometimes, small games like Flipnote Studio 3D.