Met Office warns of ice and snow


Today will be a great deal milder than tomorrow, with highest temperatures of 8 to 12 degrees.

A status yellow snow-ice caution was issued for the whole country, and is due to come into effect just after midnight.

The wind warning for Munster, Leinster and Galway applies to Saturday afternoon and evening.

Mr Bowles added that gales will be confined to the northern hills and coast, with winds in Blackpool and much of the west cost around 30 miles per hours with gusts of 45.

After the week the snow caused chaos in Cornwall, the Met Office has issued another ice warning.

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He added: "On Sunday we're back into a westerly air flow, which normally wouldn't be particularly cold, but as the air is originating from the very cold Arctic Canada region the air will be cold enough to bring snow to sea level". It will spread eastwards through the evening and early night, falling as sleet and snow in many areas.

As the rain clears on Saturday night more wintry showers of snow with a "slight risk of thundery burst", sleet and hail will fall overnight.

Frost and icy patches will develop overnight, with lowest temperatures of -3 to 0 degrees.

Tuesday will be cold, with good sunny spells and some scattered wintry showers for a time. Frost and icy patches will develop also.

Half term week is going to be wet, windy, snowy and bitterly cold. It will clear overnight with wintry showers following and with frost and ice developing. Highest temperatures will range from 9°C to 12°C.