Land Rover unveils its new Explore smartphone


Inspired by Land Rover's go-anywhere SUVs, the Explorer phone is one of those devices that can be used in practically any situation.

Other things Land Rover has done to appeal to outdoors types include the addition of premium grade, detailed off-road topographical mapping options from ViewRanger with Augmented Reality Skyline feature (map voucher in box).

The phone can withstand drops up to six feet with a screen protector and it can survive underwater - including in salt water.

The Land Rover Explorer Phone - to give it its full title - is a phone inspired by a auto and co-developed by Bullitt Group.

The "Explore" phone has even been created to bear Land Rover hallmarks such as its bumper, grille and roof lines, with its camera representing a headlamp.

There's also a dedicated battery pack with a 4370mAh battery, and a "Bike Pack" which adds a mount and case to strap to your bike's stem or handlebars.

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The Android-equipped Explore has a 5.0-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen that works with gloves or wet fingers, said Land Rover. It includes a customisable outdoor dashboard for weather, wind, tides, compass, SOS light etc access, it has curated apps and content for outdoor pursuits and has a number of hardware accessories for the Land Rover Explore (more on this later).

Adding to its outdoorsy credentials, the Land Rover Explore contains a slew of extras to help make it essential while on the go.

To be fair, it actually seems like quite a rugged little beast - it'll survive being submerged in up to 1.8 metres of water, even if it's salty.

Land Rover Explore with swappable packs. It may not have wheels, or a gearbox or seating for seven, but it does carry a name many will align with adventures involving some form of mud. You can also add an Adventure Pack option that boosts the power of the Global Positioning System signal. Like the phone, this is again IP68 and 1.8-metre drop tested.

The US$795 Land Rover Explorer will be available in the UAE to order from April 26.