Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny says he was briefly detained for organizing protests


Opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been charged with an administrative offence that could put him in jail when Vladimir Putin stands for re-election on March 18.

Other demonstrations organised by Navalny have followed, most recently on January 28 when he called for Russians to boycott the presidential election on March 18, which he denounces as a sham.

A 41-year-old anti-corruption campaigner, Navalny was repeatedly jailed last year for organising some of Russia's biggest protests, targeting what he says are the luxury lifestyles of President Vladimir Putin and his inner circle.

"They offered me a lift somewhere, but I declined and have gone to work".

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"I don't understand what happened and why seven people detained me", he wrote in another post.

Dmitry Borisov was accused of kicking the officer twice in the head during protests called by the anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny that saw tens of thousands of people take to the streets across Russian Federation. Navalny said Volkov had been denied access to a lawyer. Navalny also organized large-scale protests in June and in March, but he could not fully take part in them because police detained him each time.

Tweeting before his detention, Navalny said Volkov had been planning to fly to the Russian regional republic of Bashkortostan to organise election-monitoring activities.

The Associated Press reported that Navalny was detained when leaving a dentist's office in Moscow. On Tuesday, Roman Rubanov, the head of Navalny's anti-corruption foundation, was placed under 10-day administrative arrest on the charge of organizing an unsanctioned rally.