INQUIRING REPORTER: Should Alberta boycott BC wine?


He said the federal government continues to talk with the provinces, including meetings Thursday between officials from Ottawa and deputy ministers in B.C., but that no specific intervention is yet necessary from B.C.'s proposed consultations.

"We will not let the government of B.C. hold Alberta's and Canada's economy hostage, and jeopardize the economic security of hundreds of thousands of working families across this province and across this country", she said.

CBC News notes that if Kenney somehow convinces the Alberta government to stop shipping oil and cut the gas shipments to its western neighbor, it won't just raise prices at the pump across B.C. It would also result in increased tanker traffic along the B.C. coast-something that the province's government has spoken firmly against. Alberta said it imported 17 million bottles of B.C. wine previous year, worth an estimated $70 million.

Christle Pope of Unsworth Vineyards in Mill Bay said the ban comes at a bad time because the industry was pushing to open up inter-provincial sales. Think of your neighbours.

"Alberta doesn't have a thriving domestic wine industry; they've got a great craft beer industry", he added.

Jason Ocenas with Township 7 Wine said his products are sold in liquor stores and shipped directly to customers in Alberta, and finding another market will be hard. "They don't react well to either overlapping processes or backward steps".

It's the linchpin component of Alberta's fight to get a better overseas price for its oil, which is now being sold at a discount on the North American market while the province racks up budget deficits over $10 billion.

The B.C. government is looking at restricting the expansion of bitumen through the province until it's satisfied a spill can be cleaned up, which was countered by the threat of a lawsuit from Alberta along with a ban on B.C. wine imports.

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In response, Horgan said he doesn't intend to respond to any provocation from Alberta.

Advocates had been carefully watching negotiations on the North American Free Trade agreement, concerned a new deal could mean for access to American markets, Prodan said. "I don't think anyone is missing the agenda that they're pursuing". "We don't take this lightly".

"Punishing British Columbia wineries for something that they have nothing to do with is frankly. amateurishly political", he said.

"Access to these wines is essential to us, as we are able to support their efforts directly and help build the sort of food community that lies at the centre of why we even exist as a restaurant".

"This trade spat is simply a lose-lose for everyone", agriculture critic Ian Paton said in a statement.

If Kinder Morgan doesn't go, Rachel Notley will loose the election and BC Premier John Horgan will win support from his anti-pipeline voters, which won him the last election.

Beyond mouthing passive platitudes supporting Trans Mountain, Trudeau has done nothing to advance a pipeline that has earned his government's blessing after it passed an exhaustive regulatory approval process.

By swallowing his whistle as the B.C. government obstructs the Trans Mountain pipeline project, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finds himself with an escalating brawl between the players.