Florida Man's Apple AirPod Started Smoking, Blew Up, He Says


An Apple AirPods owner feared that his ear could've been burned off after one of the wireless headphones started billowing out smoke.

Jason Colon, the owner of the AirPods was listening to dance music at the LA Fitness when he saw white smoke coming out of the right half of the AirPods.

Shocked, Colon removed the AirPods from his ears, placed them on a piece of gym equipment and rushed to get help. It was already popped.

"I didn't see it happen, but I mean, it was already fried", he told WFLA. "You can see flame damage", he told WFLA.

Thankful that he removed the earbuds in time, Colon is now anxious about what could happen to other AirPod owners.

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Reports of battery fires in electronic devices seem to have slowed down as of late.

Colon says he believes the gadget's battery was responsible for the damage. The energy then causes an increase in temperature resulting in more energy release.

Who can forget the horror show that was Samsung's Galaxy Note 7? In March, a woman was on a flight from China to Australia when her headphones exploded in her ears, burning her hands and leaving black soot on her face. The fact that the AirPods exploded is a major problem for Apple, as it suggests a problem with the manufacturing that could become disastrous if it ended up being a widespread problem. Of course, there is also the possibility that Colon received a faulty unit.

It's not the first time a popular product has gone up in flames.

Calling it "the craziest thing I ever went through", a Tampa, Florida man claims that one of his two AirPods mysteriously "blew apart" and was burnt to charred crisp - though not before quickly removing them from his ears during a routine workout, local NBC News affiliate, Channel 8, reports.