Egypt opens Rafah crossing 'exceptionally' in both directions


China's Xinhua news agency reported that Egypt has made a decision to open the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip for four days, the Palestinian embassy in Cairo said in a statement Tuesday.

Two Palestinian teenagers were killed by Israeli fire on Saturday as Israeli jets struck the Gaza Strip after four soldiers were wounded in a bomb blast on the border.

There were no reports of casualties from the latest strike.

Israel sealed four of its commercial crossings with Gaza in mid-2007 after Palestinian resistance group Hamas wrested control of the coastal strip from the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority. A dispute over money and revenue collections has stalled a reconciliation deal between Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party, which Egypt brokered in October.

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Sources said that Emadi was not hit directly, but the workers tore pictures of the Emir of Qatar in the place, along with banners thanking Qatar for its financial aid to Gaza. Hamas says the cuts are endangering the functioning of Gaza hospitals.

The ambassador's response angered the hospital cleaning workers, who began throwing shoes at him and tearing up pictures of the Qatari emir.

He indicated that this is not an issue related to his country, adding: "There are contracts between the employees and the companies with whom they work and there are contracts with the Ministry of Health and it should pay salaries".

The Gaza border area has been generally quiet since a 50-day war between Israel and Hamas in 2014.