EA Confirms Battlefront II Will Reintroduce Monetisation Scheme


EA CFO Blake Jorgensen was able to explain why the publisher felt that Battlefront 2 had failed to meet its sales expectations.

Over the past few months, there were multiple rumors regarding EA's relationship with Disney in regards to the loot crates and microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II. The game effectively personified the video game loot box problem, with Battlefront 2 effectively blending the game's microtransaction and progression systems together with an element of chance. For comparison, EA was able to sell 13 million copies of "Star Wars Battlefront" during its launch quarter in 2015.

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"We never meant to build an experience that could be seen as unfair or lacking clear progression", said Wilson addressing key complaints about Battlefront 2's loot system. Back at launch players almost had the chance to buy crystals, which would allow you to circumvent the game's already ridiculous progression system and outright buy crates with game-changing enhancements in them. But will Star Wars Battlefront 2's Star Cards, the game's ability system, ever be removed from loot boxes? While no release window is planned just yet, fans will be curious to see how EA will appeal to them. EA does not clear whether this will be forever, but the company hinted that it will be returned back after a while. We don't have exact details yet, but many are hoping for the removal of Star Cards, which have been a point of contention since the first alpha tests for the game. So much so that EA isn't yet ready to talk about the future of the franchise beyond their 2020 fiscal year. "We believe the growth was primarily driven by EA's Ultimate Team modes", he wrote. "Having made adjustments based on sentiment and community data coming out of the beta and early trials, we ultimately made the decision to pull in game purchases out of the game prior to launch".

"Again, as we look forward, the big learning is there is no one-size-fits-all [approach] when it comes event-driven live services, but at the very core we must always build on a foundation of player choice".