Curling: Canadian mixed doubles pair suffer first Olympic loss


In mixed doubles, each team comprises one male and one female and has six stones to play instead of eight.

Each team throws five stones per end, with the player delivering the team's first stone of the end also delivering the team's final stone of the end.

Well, it adds to the pace.

The Swiss relied on their defense in the third end to pick up a point, but the USA answered with a point of their own in the fourth after placing their hammer throw on the button with no other stones around.

The Winter Olympics run through February 25, and curling has one of the longest competition schedules at the Winter Olympics. About half way through the game all the old guys would put there brooms in the middle of the ice and go inside to go take a shot of scotch.

When it comes their dynamic on the ice, Matt proudly bears the role of team jokester while Becca remains the quieter of the two.

Who are the best teams in PyeongChang?

Punishing the 2017 world champions - Martin Rios and Jenny Perret - for their mistakes in the second frame to claim an early 4-1 lead.

Other Twitter users also chimed in and joined in on the joke.

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They are among 168 Russians in Pyeongchang after a strict IOC selection procedure, named Olympic Athletes from Russia with the Olympic flag, a neutral uniform, and the Olympic anthem to be played for gold medallists.

Both Ottawa's Morris and Winnipeg's Lawes are Olympic gold medallists in curling but they had little experience playing mixed doubles together prior to winning January's trials.

The brother-sister team of Becca and Matt Hamilton are off to a rollicking start in Pyeongchang as they handily won their first game on Thursday morning.

There was a smattering of applause for each team as they were announced.

The Hamiltons finished ninth at Worlds, but don't let that fool you. Pay close attention to them because this duo could surprise people and make a run for the podium.

Eight teams are competing in the newly introduced Olympic event with the top four finishers in the preliminaries qualifying for the semifinals.

But during the match, Twitter was convinced that he looked like Kansas City Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid.