CIA denies report over secretive Russian man who promised Trump info


The New York Times wrote on Friday that the alleged anonymous Russian spy, took the money but failed to provide the stolen material, nor did he come up with any dirt on Trump.

A new report from The New York Times exposed a financial transition between USA intel and a "shadowy" Russian Federation regarding secrets about President Trump.

"Asking price was $10 million, brought down to $1 million to be paid over time".

The seller, who was not identified but had suspected links to both cyber criminals and Russian intelligence, tantalized the United States spies with an offer of the NSA hacking tools that had been advertised for sale online by a group called the Shadow Brokers.

The money was delivered to a Berlin hotel room in September and was intended as the first installment of a $1 million reward, according to USA officials, the Russian and communications reviewed by the Times, the newspaper reported.

Only the first installment, $100,000 was paid, according to American and European intelligence officials.

The cloak and dagger account included an assertion that the NSA used its official Twitter account to send numerous coded messages to the Russian.

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Earlier this year, the Times reports, they gave him one more chance but he still did not follow through on providing the hacking tools and information he claimed to have.

According to The Times, the US worked through an American businessman based in Germany who met with the Russian in several locations, while American intelligence agencies spent months tracking him, including with the NSA using its official Twitter account to send him coded messages. However, he delivered information about Trump that was not verified and even possibly fabricated, and USA intelligence officials cut off the deal.

While the American spies desired the stolen NSA documents, they apparently said that they did not want the dirt on Trump because of the Russian's "murky ties to Russian intelligence and to Eastern European cybercriminals".

The Russian, who had a history of money laundering and ties to a almost bankrupt company that sold portable grills for streetside sausage peddlers - not to mention a mistress in Vienna - showed USA intelligence a 15-second video clip of a man in a hotel room talking to two women.

He actually tried to once, as he handed a short video clip showing a man talking to two women over to a Berlin-based American businessman who was communicating on behalf of the USA intelligence agents, but failed to verify it was actually the American President.

He was eventually told by the Central Intelligence Agency to leave Europe and not return.