Children, 1 Pregnant Woman Among Tennessee Flu Deaths


The flu shot may do more than just help protect you from the flu, it could apparently also be good for your ticker. The state only tracks and reports flu deaths involving children or pregnant women.

With recently released mid-season vaccine effectiveness numbers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), NMDOH stresses the importance of vaccination as we continue to see increases in influenza activity, which is covered in this season's. Additionally, they urge everyone to stay home when sick, wash hands frequently and cough into a sleeve to prevent the spread of flu. Doctors tell us there are four strains of flu, and you can get the flu a few times in the same season.

During the 2017 season there were a total of 4,590 cases, the highest number since record keeping began in 2004.

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According to HCPH, this is the first pediatric death in the county this flu season.

"What may be circulating through our community may be different in another community and that's why it's particularly important that people go and get tested if they have symptoms consistent with the flu", Shah said.