Chiefs, Redskins trade could have impact on Colts' draft


The Kansas City Chiefs traded their longtime starting quarterback to the Washington Redskins for a third-round draft pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson spent three years with Smith in Kansas City, tutoring the experienced veteran through some of his finest pro campaigns.

The Chiefs and Redskins managed to divert attention from Super Bowl LII with the news the Chiefs are shipping quarterback Alex Smith to Washington come March 14, when the 2018 league year kicks off.

While I love the vote of confidence in Mahomes and honestly feel the Chiefs got decent value in a trade for Smith, I think for the time being, it could shift the balance of power in the AFC West a bit, at least until Mahomes establishes himself.

A blockbuster trade occurred in the National Football League and it has major implications for many teams, whether they were directly involved or not.

Smith is coming off the best season of his career. Tilford scored six touchdowns on defense and special teams this season (two interception returns, two fumble returns, two blocked punt returns). If you think the number nine or ten spot in a quarterback-rich draft is too low to garner any genuine interest, remember that the Chiefs paid a hefty bounty previous year to move up to a similar spot to select Mahomes. Washington was destined to be in salvage mode, and Cousins was going to hit the open market.

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The Redskins look like they'll be parting ways with their quarterback Kirk Cousins after franchise tagging his the last two seasons. 1 and 4. Now, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins could land in Cleveland as a free agent, and that's why the situation needs to be followed closely.

Minnesota going the draft route makes little sense, because at No. 30 overall, there's no way it will get a prospect it can trust to start immediately. But this trade also reeks of Allen and the team overreaching again to make a statement about stability.

Imagine the Jets, who early on lost four games in five weeks by a touchdown or less, putting Cousins under center instead of 38-year-old has-been Josh McCown. He's a rising star at a premium position and is still just 22 years old. Where the elite quarterbacks separate - see Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Drew Brees - is the fact that they're much less dependent than QBs even in the higher middle tier, boosting their teams more than their teams boost them.

The deal clears both the path forward to Mahomes as the club's new franchise quarterback as well as valuable cap space off the books for Kansas City.

The next big date on the NFL calendar following Sunday's Super Bowl is the NFL Combine, which will begin on February 27 and runs through March 5 in Indianapolis.