Authorities confirm Filipina among dead in Taiwan quake


A total of 772 people are in emergency accommodations.

There are 173 people still unaccounted for.

"We hope local people will overcome the difficulties and rebuild their homes at an early date", he said.

Among the buildings toppled in the quake was the Marshal Hotel in Hualien, where three people were trapped inside, the government said.

It had been just about 24 hours since a magnitude 6.4 quake rattled Taiwan's east coast, crumbling walls and knocking tall buildings askew, when rescue workers felt another big rumble late Wednesday. Parts of the first four floors buckled during the quake, resulting in the tilt. She was reportedly looking for her ward, an octogenarian, who fled their home following the quake. "My bed was completely vertical, I was sleeping and suddenly I was standing".

Hualien, a popular tourist hub, is home to about 100,000 people. Power was restored to about 1,700 homes and water returned to almost 5,000 homes on Wednesday. It occurred at a depth of about 9.5 kilometers (6 miles).

Taiwan sits in a very seismically active area known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. It is an area of frequent seismic activity, and earthquakes are common. Residents were directed to shelters where they were provided with food, water and a place to sleep. However, with the powerful aftershocks and the warnings of more, many people have resorted to sleeping in tents and cars.

A rescue worker says a crew is trying to free two people from a hotel whose ground floor caved after a strong natural disaster hit near Taiwan's eastern coast.

Authorities confirm Filipina among dead in Taiwan quake
Authorities confirm Filipina among dead in Taiwan quake

"This is unprecedented and not a normal release of energy", he said.

The Manila Economic Cultural Office (MECO) in Taiwan has identified the overseas Filipino worker who went missing in Taiwan after the island nation was struck by a 6.4-magnitude natural disaster Tuesday night. A quake - this time magnitude 5.7 - had just struck again near the city of Hualien.

An octogenarian resident was inside his apartment at the time of the quake.

An investigation into the safety of that building revealed that metal cans and foam had been used as fillers in the concrete.

Hualien prosecutors said they had launched an investigation.

There has been no confirmation of casualties so far and no tsunami warnings have been issued.

Emergency workers surrounded a badly damaged 12-story residential building, a major focus of the rescue effort.

Rescuers worked their way around and through the building while residents looked on from behind cordoned-off roads.

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