Apple Bringing Peace To iOS 12 With Performance Boost And Bug Extermination


Apple has a lot of ideas in the works for iOS.

The strategy has paid off handsomely because the feature-packed upgrades keep customers tied to Apple's ecosystem and prompt them to use more of the company's lucrative services.

But several other features that were initially cooked up with iOS 12 in mind have been postponed to iOS 13 or later.

That decision, which Maestri explained as a typical move with iPhones, will lead to a quarter-over-quarter decline in iPhone average selling prices during the Q2 2018 because the new iPhones are expected to make up a smaller portion of shipments than they did during the previous quarter, which also included the holiday sales season. His perspective is worth considering against Bloomberg's overall story. The more interesting addition is group chat, a feature Apple introduced years ago with the Mac video calling app iChat, but removed - and never restored - when it introduced FaceTime for iOS devices.

SVP of software development Craig Federighi announced the new direction to his team last month. The delay is part of Apple's plan to allow engineers to work on new features without having to add them in a single annual update.

The change could lead to more polished software update and less bugs. iOS 11 hasn't been flawless so far, for starters, with customers having to contend with autocorrect bugs, messages arriving out of order, and the calculator app misbehaving.

"This change is Apple beginning to realize that schedules are not being hit, stuff is being released with bugs - which previously would not have happened", a person familiar with the matter said. Their more agile model enables features to be cut from release as and when required, before being reintroduced at a later date. Reports shed lights on the fact that Apple is developing to building an Animoji feature that will have the same iPhone-used technology: the Face ID technology.

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While some bugs are to be expected with any major software release, these are all serious flaws that impact core functions of iOS.

Just 65 percent of iOS users have embraced Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 11, compared to 79 percent for its predecessor last February - according to Apple's developer website.

Arguably more damaging to Apple's reputation are those features which have been released but haven't worked quite as intended.

"This is the most successful product launch in Apple's history", then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs said about the iPhone 4.

So, apparently, Apple fans won't have a major redesign of the Home screen or a massive new feature in their iOS devices rather they would have a bug-free and more reliable iOS this fall.

In a world of intense competition, rolling out update after update only to see issues continue to arise has forced Apple back into the drawing room. It is alleged that in iOS 12 the main focus will be on performance and reliability, but Apple talks about it every year, and about the quality of iOS 11 have already heard millions of people around the world.

Apple has something special in store for its iOS users.