And Apple has confirmed it's real


The implication from the company is that even if the very latest version of the source code leaked, it would still not be represent a security threat, and this was further reduced by the age of the code. It corroborated information from two sources claiming that they had been given the iBoot code by a low-level Apple employee in 2016, who the publication was unable to speak with.

The code indicated that it was taken from iOS 9 butt experts say there are portions of it that are still likely to be used in the newest operating system, iOS 11. "There are many layers of hardware and software protections built into our products, and we always encourage customers to update to the newest software releases to benefit from the protections". Apple, as a general rule of thumb, keeps most of their source code private, which is why this phenomenon is certainly a rare problem for the tech giant.

The original Apple employee did not respond to our request for comment and said through his friend that he did not now want to talk about it because he signed a non-disclosure agreement with Apple.

In the end, while the leak of the iBoot source code obviously isn't a good look for Apple, according to Wardle it doesn't presage a security apocalypse for the average iPhone owner.

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Apple countered suggestions that it was a huge security issue, arguing that few people - if indeed any at all - would be affected by iBoot's leaking. "It is not open-source".

It said that the iBoot source code is the part of iOS that is responsible for ensuring a trusted boot of the operating system.

Mr Kays said that Apple has taken important steps to improve the protection of its products "so users of its latest devices don't need to be unduly concerned by the release of the iBoot firmware". A flaw in the program could make iPhones open to a new wave of jailbreaking attacks. That's applies to this case in particular, since the leaked source code is said to contain documentation.

Since the code that was leaked handles loading the OS, the bugs can be used for anything from enabling jailbreaks to loading something prior to the OS, Gorenc noted. While Apple has said that the leak is essentially nothing for users to be concerned about, it makes one wonder whether Apple's ecosystem is as roughly locked down as once thought.