Trump's 'overall health is excellent' says doctor, weight loss a goal


Bryant's Sanders jumped in after Bennett's Jackson ended explaining the results by saying, "The President has passed every exam we gave him" including "the physical exam, mental exam, the Tide Pod challenge".

Jackson says that based on the clinical information he has on Mr. Trump and his year of observing the president, "I feel very confident that he has a very strong and a very probable possibility of making it completely through his presidency with no medical issues".

US President Donald Trump is in good health and can perform his duties for the rest of his term in office and potentially for another four years should he be elected again, the White House Medical Doctor Ronny Jackson said in a press briefing.

President Donald Trump greets visitors touring the White House in Washington.

Being overweight, or in this case borderline obese, does increase Trump's risk for diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.

Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson is a White House doctor appointed by former President George W. Bush's tenure in 2006.

Although reporters seemed skeptical, he said he found "no reason whatsoever" to think the president had any issues with his thought processes.

In discussing his health, Trump has noted his parents' longevity.

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Trump had requested such a test be included in his checkup, in response to concerns about his cognitive abilities, Jackson said. The president is "very sharp" and "very articulate" in their conversations and does not repeat himself, he said.

Undergoing a physical is voluntary, and Trump can pick and choose what the public learns about his health.

Trump scored a flawless 30/30 on the test, according to Jackson, with 'no indication that [Trump] has cognitive issues'.

Trump's doctor fields a question about the President that many are asking.

Many do not believe Trump weighs 239 pounds, suggesting he weighs more than the announced weight. Asked several times what the workouts might consist of, he demurred, but said that Trump "would benefit from a diet that is lower in fat and carbohydrates" and an exercise regimen.

While more exercise may be a tall order for the president, he said he's open to changing his diet to include smaller portions.

As for those bone spurs that exempted a young Trump from the military draft, he was not examined for any at this time, because the president has made no complaint about podiatric health, Jackson said.

Jackson recommended that the president eat a healthier diet, exercise regularly and lose 10 to 15 pounds.