Supermoon kicks off 2018


Goa is one of the most popular beach and nightlife tourism destination in the country and attracts more than five million tourists every year, especially in the period from Christmas to New Year.

The new year starts with a bang for astronomy buffs - and photographers - as the first of two "supermoons" in January will be visible Monday night (Jan. 1). It'll be the first of 2018 and it will be closely followed by another just weeks later.

It will be the largest moon that appears in the sky this year.

According to, tonight's supermoon will also be the closest perigee of the year. It appears a bit brighter than a standard full moon, although weather conditions play a bigger role in its visibility.

Another reason you'll want to be looking up occurs later this month.

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The good news... you will not have to wait long at all. The big event is coming on January 31, when another supermoon is set to light up the sky - making it, as some have pointed out, a "blue supermoon".

Nasa is urging sky-watchers to lead their "pack" outside to take in the "wolf moon" as it's known.

January 31's supermoon, according to the space agency, will also feature a total lunar eclipse - when the Earth, sun and moon, line up in such a way that the Earth blocks the sunlight that would otherwise reflect off the moon.

It will be the biggest and brightest of the three supermoons set to appear in two months. Alaska, Hawaii and northwest Canada will see the whole thing as well, but more eastern parts of North and Central America will have a shorter show.

With the moon being as close to Earth as it is, there is a significant impact on the tides. The last one occurred on December 3. "Normally, we are used to seeing the full moon rising above the eastern horizon, but this time it will be best to watch it setting over the western horizon early in the morning", he explained. Though you probably won't notice the difference with your bare eyes, you should still check it out. Here's another supermoon live stream you can view below, provided by Virtual Telescope.