Sonos bundle offer 2 Alexa-powered speakers at a discount


But $350 is a lot of money to spend when competitors such as the Amazon Echo Dot hover around $100, and Sonos is now offering two speakers for $350 (powered by Alexa).

Start and control your music with your voice. That way, although Sonos' smart speakers may not support Siri, you should still be able to link them into a HomePod multi-room configuration and have the same tracks play ubiquitously.

Using Apple Music with the HomePod means Siri will be able to cater to the user's music taste.

The HomePod will cost you $349 and will be available in stores on February 9. The HomePod also is far more expensive than Amazon's highest-end Echo speaker, the $150 Echo Plus, which is more focused on smart home setup than audio. For an extra measly £30, you can buy two Sonos Ones. It issued a blog post on Thursday chastising the lack of "openness" on competing devices (read: HomePod) while promoting its own speakers' ability to work with several music services. Whereas with Sonos' speakers you could have each Sonos One play either different music or the same thing synchronized to two rooms - or more, for that matter, if you have multiple Sonos speakers - right now the same can't be said for HomePod. Apple notes that the HomePod outperforms the stringent requirements of the ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Audio/Video Version 3.0, consuming 50 percent less than the allowable energy for low power mode.

When the Echo first launched, it mostly worked with just Amazon Music.

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Siri got some big improvements in iOS 11, including quicker response times and a more natural-sounding voice, but Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant are still superior to Siri when it comes to overall capability.

What's your favorite month of the year?

Who is your favorite musician?

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Google and Amazon devices do not do this with their microphones.

Lots of people thought Apple would launch the device in the middle of the night, and either woke up early or stayed up late to get one on the first day it becomes available. Speaking from personal experience, the success of a smart-speaker is determined by the strength of the virtual assistant that lives inside it.