Smartphone Battery Explodes After Man Inexplicably Bites Into It


The CCTV footage captured by the camera in the store shows him taking a bite of the battery given for his iPhone and it explodes. Apparently the customer was buying a replacement battery for his iPhone and because Chinese electronics stores often carry fake Apple products, the man was probably biting it as a way to test its authenticity.

It is unclear why the man made a decision to chew on the battery.

There has been an influx of iPhone customers wanting to replace their batteries after Apple announced that it was throttling iPhone performance and lowering the price of its battery replacement to $29 for 2018.

You can check out a video of the incident here. Miraculously it seems that despite the explosion, it was reported that the man suffered no injuries.

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A video of the unusual incident was posted on the Chinese video sharing site Miaopai on Saturday and has since been viewed more than 4.4 million times. But amazingly, no one in the video appears to be seriously hurt. The battery ruptured and caused a small explosion.

But iPhone and other devices have experienced problems with lithium-ion batteries and overheating in the past.

So, yes. You should not bite smartphone batteries.

You know that smartphone batteries can be pretty risky things, right? We don't need battery biting to be the next Tide Pod Challenge.