Sarah Sanders gives press briefing


Donald Trump suggested on Thursday that a key program to collect foreign intelligence could have been used by the Obama administration to "badly surveil and abuse" his campaign.

During the daily press briefing, Sanders insisted the president was familiar with the House bill, including Section 702, which allows some warrantless surveillance of foreigners overseas.

The White House said Thursday that President Trump wasn't confused when he tweeted criticism of a foreign surveillance law and later voiced support for the House to renew the law.

Acosta noted that Trump began the day by tweeting a quote from a Fox News segment that conflicted with the administration's view on FISA warrants, which necessitated the president sending out a subsequent tweet clarifying his actual position. "It's just a awful thing to have come out of your mouth as a White House correspondent or as a journalist".

But less than two hours later, Trump - following a lengthy phone call with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) - walked it back with a second tweet in which he indicated that he does in fact favor reauthorization.

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I also agree that the media spends entirely too much time and attention on tweets at the expense of serious and balanced policy analysis.

Trump's concerns on the legislation, though, appeared unrelated to the argument made by civil libertarians in the lead-up to the vote.

Trump's chief of staff, John Kelly, has stepped in to try to restore stability by issuing a deadline for officials to say whether they plan to stay or go, according to a CNN report.

The internet is in strong knee-jerk reaction mode to comments that, as of right now, President Donald Trump only allegedly said.