Razer's 'Project Linda' turns your phone into a gorgeous laptop


Gamer lifestyle company Razer announced today the inclusion of both premium digital formats through its Razer Phone. Making its debut through the event this week, the company has brought forward a brand-new concept laptop called Project Linda. The Razer Phone, launched a few weeks ago as a device for gamers with a 120 Hz IGZO display and focused on content consumption with loud front facing speakers, is now the recommended premium device that Netflix suggests to watch Netflix content on. Essentially, it's a dock that runs the phone itself into 13.3 inch Android gaming computer, which is kind of a neat concept for those gamers constantly on the go. Speaking about the Project Linda concept, Razer co-founder and CEO, Min-Liang Tan said: "Android power users and laptop enthusiasts share a need for performance in a mobile form factor, which we provide with our award-winning Razer Phone and Razer laptops".

Razer, just like other smartphone manufacturers, can see how much humanity depends on their smartphones. According to Razer's official CES 2018 press release, that sound designation is "typically reserved for high-end entertainment systems and PCs", exploiting five full-bandwidth channels and one low-frequency effects channel. The docked phone serves as an intelligent touchpad, bridging the gap between handheld entertainment and laptop convenience. It has a full chiclet keyboard, with some of the function keys being more suited for the Android interface, since it is actually a customized Android interface on a larger display here.

When set up, the Razer Phone acts as a touchpad and even a secondary display for Project Linda.

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The most interesting aspect of Project Linda is how it puts the Razer Phone to use.

Connectivity on Project Linda includes a 3.5mm audio jack, USB-A port and a USB-C charging port.

As with many of Razer's CES reveals over the years, this is a prototype for the time being and may not make it to the market.