PUBG celebrates 4M players on Xbox One with free loot crates


To celebrate surpassing four million players on Xbox, Bluehole will be giving all Xbox players an in-game gift.

As a way to say thanks to the community, bonus Battle Points will be awarded to anyone who creates a character in PUBG on the Xbox One before January 31.

PC games don't always translate well to a console audience, and that's ignoring the fact that the Xbox One release was a (very) early access title with a lot of technical problems. This pre-match area is where PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players congregate before a match; the game would spawn them all into the same location. "Bonus Battle Points will be delivered and appear directly in players BP accounts (right below their gamertag) after February 1, 2018 at 12AM PT".

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is proving to be just as successful on console as it is PC, as new updates continue to arrive.

After hitting 4 million players, Microsoft has chose to throw a party of sorts in PUBG. The Xbox One version also receives regular updates, with the last one tweaking controller options to better optimize for a controller as opposed to the PC's mouse and keyboard. That's good news for PUBG Corporation, because the Xbox One version launched with a fair number of problems.

PUBG's crates get progressively more expensive the more you buy in a week; you can buy a max of 6 crates per week, the cheapest being 700 points and the most expensive being 7000. Are you now playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?