Nintendo Direct: New Games Available For Nintendo Switch and 3DS


The new DLC will be part of a free update that will be released in February.

One of Square Enix's biggest cult hits will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a Switch release. On Switch, it can be played using either the Joy-Con controllers or the touch screen.

The news will no doubt be exciting for RPG fans as The World Ends With You has a reputation for being a stylish and unique take on the genre. The details shared by Nintendo confirmed that players will be able to download all of the game's previously released downloadable content.

Instead, he'll be the host of Luigi's Balloon World, a name for a couple of new connected modes in the DLC.

The presentation focused on announcing the new content that is and will be available for these two devices. Wave 1, releasing on January 31 will introduce the new battle character Aegislash with the support set Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. The second will arrive on March 23 and will add Blastoise to the playable lineup with the mythical Mew and Celebi as additional supports.

The battle pack can be bought as one set and costs $14.99. Kirby Star Allies was announced at the E3 show a year ago. It has a new Artist ability to let Kirby unleash his creativity. According to the press release, ever since the product was officially launched on March 2, 2017, more than 4.8 million units have been sold in the United States alone. It has come to be loved by many and has even won a few awards at some game of the year ceremonies.

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Wii U and 3DS title Hyrule Warriors is also landing on Switch this Spring in a Definitive Edition that will include Breath of the Wild outfits among other new features.

"Tropical Freeze" is a side-scrolling platformer and it will be available for the Switch on May 4. Another platformer, Matt Makes Games' Celeste, will let you climb risky mountains on February 27. Meanwhile, the SNK fighting game spin-off, "SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy", will also be available for Nintendo's console later this summer.

Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle fans have some new content to look forward to as well.

Nintendo announced several new titles for the Switch this morning during a Nintendo Direct Mini.

Mario Tennis Aces gameplay - What's new? Once a trailer for A Way Out featuring the two main characters debuted at The Game Awards on December 7 as the marketing plan indicated it would, a January Direct seemed all but certain.