Monster Hunter World is the Fastest Selling Entry in the Franchise


This proves a massive success, since Capcom was hoping Monster Hunter World would rope in Western fans. However they'll only have until June 30 to do so. This, along with some much-needed improvements on the Monster Hunter formula, has resulted in a rapid movement of units. Downes is Director of The Centre for Fortean Zoology and has a history of examining mystery creatures, weird and aberrant animal behaviour and zoo form paranormal entities.

The 5 million shipment in 3 days makes it one of the best selling Monster Hunter release to date.

Beginning in the spring of 2018 Capcom plans to hold qualifying events in seven areas across Japan leading up to the Monster Hunter: World Kariou Playoffs, which will determine the top hunter in the country.

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The Monster Hunter franchise has been on the back burner for a good, long while now. The newest installment in the franchise has finally garnered the attention that the series deserves. Problems affecting the game's online components haven't been exclusive to the Xbox One though with those on the PlayStation 4 experiencing their own issues, but the previous betas being exclusive to the PS4 left Xbox One players wondering if at least some of this could've been avoided.

With Monster Hunter World's release last week, Capcom announced a crossover with Street Fighter 5, featuring themed armor coming to the fighting game. That being said, so many shipped units means that Capcom are expecting to sell as many, based on how the sales have been going so far.