Videos - Monster Hunter: World - Elder Dragons Trailer


We're quickly closing in on the release date for Monster Hunter: World, but before that arrives, Capcom has one final beta test it wants to host.

In other Monster Hunter World news, the publisher of gaming magazine Famitsu predicts that the game has the potential to sell 10 million copies worldwide, mainly due to its popularity in Japan. A key part of the stream was revealing a new trailer that featured both new, and returning, Elder Dragons. Strap yourselves, because this one is rather long and epic.

Are you excited for this PS4 and Xbox One release?

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You can check out the flame king dragon Teostra with risky fires, steel dragon Kushala Daora with an entire body covered in metal plates, the rock-eating Dodogama, and several other dragons that can mess with your hunter if you're not careful. "Another monster introduced in the trailer is Dodogama, a rock-eating wyvern that possesses a unique saliva that causes rock to become explosive, a hazardous mix it will spit at its foes to warn off attackers", said Capcom in press materials. It's only for PlayStation 4 players, however, so keep that in mind. Monster Hunter Meat Shack will offer food, alcohol and a chance to play up to 90 minutes of World. The beta will stretch from January 18 to January 22. Additional content will also be available for this testing period, "In addition to the previously released Great Jagras, Anjanath and Barroth quests, players will now be able to battle against the game's terrifying and challenging flagship monster Nergigant". But it will also include the IPs new signature behemoth, Nergigante. We will start seeing this in Spring 2018.

This information has upset many gamers who were waiting for Monster Hunter: World on PC much earlier. Not only do we get to see a bunch of different monsters on display, but we also get to see a ton of different weapons in use as well.