IPhone Update Will Allow Users To Stop Battery Slowdown, Tim Cook Says


Apple might implement a new feature you can turn off anytime you want.

Apple keeps a famously tight grip over its software, but was forced to be more transparent than normal after some iPhone owners noticed late a year ago that their phones became noticeably faster with a new battery.

Speaking with ABC News, Cook apologized again for the whole slowdown debacle but he also stressed that Apple will continue to take the actions it did (reducing performance of aging iPhones) in case the OS deems it necessary, so as to help users prolong their battery usage and prevent any sudden shutdowns or reboots. "We apologize", Apple said in a statement on December 28.

Following a public uproar, Apple CEO Tim Cook told ABC News Apple's next iOS update will be more transparent about the health of your phone battery.

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While many iPhone owners were upset about the performance drop, many were also outraged that Apple didn't give customers a choice and was not upfront about what it was doing - sparking a slew of lawsuits around the world.

The issue struck a nerve on social media, where many voiced a theory that Apple intentionally slows down older phones to encourage customers to buy new ones.

"In a developer release which happens next month we're going to give people the visibility of the health of their battery. this has never been done before", he said. For those with long message threads spanning months/years, this would be kind of a pity to delete them all, but like we said this is the only fix at the moment. The company is adamant that this is not a ploy to get people to buy newer models, but a tactic created to stop devices from unexpectedly restarting, due to the limitations brought on by battery age.

Those with the update will have an option to chose whether they want their iPhone's performance to be throttled when its battery degrades to a certain point. Apple has since apologised and announced it would be dropping the price of replacement iPhone batteries from US$79 (NZ$108) to US$29 throughout 2018.