How to get Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy armour, weapon from event quest


To get the armor set, you have to complete the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event quest, which is being distributed to players of Monster Hunter World via its online service form its release date on January 25.

The Monster Hunter series is making its first foray onto current generation consoles, with MH: World becoming the first to be released simultaneously across the world. It's challenging for anyone, and traditionally it hasn't done a great job of explaining its various mechanics, leaving players to seek outside help. Given that the quests are usually time limited, so too is your window of opportunity to grab the item in question.

Monster Hunter: World is an upcoming action role-playing video game being developed and published by Capcom, and is part of their Monster Hunter franchise. It's the first simultaneous global launch for the 40-million selling series. Your hunter will resemble Aloy when equipped with the "Aloy" armor set even if the hunter is male. Again, we're talking core games here; spin-offs such as Monster Hunter: Frontier Z have hit multiple platforms, although in recent years the main games have stuck primarily with Nintendo formats such as the 3DS. How, you ask? Well, take a look below... You'll be tasked with defeating against 8 Barnos in the arena. Slaying monsters bestows materials upon the hunters so they can craft strong armour and weapons which feature unique abilities based on the monster from which they were obtained.

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The reward for completing this event before it ends includes a new Palico weapon, a 'Machine Beast Cat Grinder, ' and an accompanying gear set from the same Machine Beast Cat series.

Capcom promises a host of free post-launch content, beginning with a PlayStation 4 exclusive collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn.