Government Shuts Down As Congress Fails To Reach Spending Agreement


If Congress can't agree on a budget deal by midnight, the government will be shut down and the affects will trickle down to millions of people, according to CNN. House lawmakers approved a bill Thursday to keep the government open through February 16. The White House in a statement blamed shutdown on Democrats calling them "obstructionist losers, not legislators" accusing them of blocking the bill to avert shutdown.

The impasse between the House and the Democratic-controlled Senate, along with Obama, ended after both chambers passed a Senate-brokered bill with stricter income verification requirements on people obtaining health insurance through Obamacare.

As the shutdown took effect, talks among Senate leaders were still happening on the Senate floor after a procedural vote late Friday lacked the 60 yes votes needed to advance the House's four-week funding bill. Nor has there been a decision about whether Tillerson can go ahead with a planned trip to Europe next week if the government shuts down, she said.

At this point, we feel confident most of our agencies will be able to operate without interruption in the short-term.

Behind the shutdown is Trump's attempt to use the 800,000 undocumented youth who signed up for the DACA program, which allowed them to work and drive, as hostages to get his wall on the Mexican border; ending the diversity visa that brings in many African immigrants, and limiting legal immigration. But you could still run into some delays if you're traveling because "non-essential" employees will be furloughed.

A DHS official told Mashable that "Nearly ninety percent of all DHS personnel are considered essential staff and will continue to perform their duties in the event of a government shutdown". That includes the agency's helplines, which are turned off during the shutdown - a potential problem for taxpayers seeking guidance on massive changes this year.

In addition, many civilian Department of Defense employees will not be working during the shutdown, including instructors at military academies and maintenance contractors.

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"All employees with the Special Counsel's Office are considered exempt and would continue their operations in the case of a lapse in appropriations", the spokesperson said. Hyde Park hosts the Roosevelt and Vanderbilt mansions, popular tourist attractions that were operated by the federal government and thus were closed.

Probably not. Airports would remain open and air traffic controllers and Transportation Security Administration officials would remain on the job.

The US Postal Service won't stop serving residents - you'll still get your mail. Congress can override that with a vote to give them an exemption, and it may.

One result of the 2013 shutdown was that farmers couldn't cash checks from elevators for grain if they had taken a loan from the Farm Services Administration. But this time around, Mayor Muriel Bowser vowed that services in the city will continue, unlike last time.

"I want to be perfectly clear that Washington, D.C., is open", Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) said.

The U.S. government shut down at 12 a.m.

The Smithsonian said it is following the same procedure it implemented during the 2013 government shutdown. "The National Mall is operated by the National Park Service and there are many other National Service Park properties throughout Washington, DC. we will step in and ensure litter and trash are picked up along the National Mall to keep nation's front yard clean of debris".