Google to start selling audiobooks on Play Store


According to 9to5Google, a banner displaying the arrival of the audiobooks was spotted in the Books section of the app market.

Google now offers apps, games, movies, TV shows, music, e-books, and magazines via the Google Play Store. For example, the Audible Clips feature allows users to record their favorite lines from audiobooks that they can share with their friends and family.

Further, the offer was linked to a separate category, which was distinct from the audiobooks on offer in the Google Play Music segment.

People who are fond of reading and are just not able to find time to actually sit down and open a book have begun preferring audio books.

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At the moment, the link does not appear to work, and the banner does not state exactly when audiobooks will be available. With the upcoming update, there will be a dedicated portion of Google Play, which will keep things more organized. For now, the Banner Ads of Google Play Store's Audiobooks present a 404 error page while visiting the given URL of the ads.

Interestingly, the banner also reveals that Google will offer 50 percent off on the first title as well.

If Google is about to enter the audiobook market, it would see the company going head to head against Amazon once more; both giants are already in direct competition when it comes to cloud storage, smart speakers and a variety of other gizmos you probably don't need in your life.

The Audiobooks advertising banner on Play Store itself looks very reasonable to assume that the Audiobooks on Play Store will be the reality soon. However, creating a specific section for audiobooks will make it easier to search and purchase them from the online store. Did you expect this from Google? It is also expected that audiobooks purchased through the Google Play Store will be available on all of the user's linked Android devices. As such, fans are advised to stay tuned for more updates.