Gal Gadot brushes over Wonder Woman Oscars snub


Although comic book movies nearly never get the attention of Oscars voters, there was a lot of hope for Wonder Woman.

Meanwhile, Gal Gadot previously revealed that being a mother makes her feel like a real life Wonder Woman. Analysts were also expecting the film to earn a few nominations after Wonder Woman won a nomination for Best Picture from the Producers Guild of America, an achievement which is often seen as an indicator of that a feature might get recognition from the Oscars. The actress told Entertainment Tonight she has no hard feelings about Wonder Woman being left out of the Oscars race.

"I think that you can't have it all", Gadot added at the Revlon event in NY. Many were quick to say that the film was snubbed, and that the Oscars should have given it some sort of nomination, based on its impact alone.

Patty Jenkins' superhero movie Wonder Woman, which stars Gal Gadot in the leading role, failed to pick up a nomination for the forthcoming Academy Awards, which caused a public outrage on social media. "Maybe the next one", Gadot continued.

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Warner Bros announced previous year that a sequel is in the works, titled Wonder Woman II.

Gal thinks it is amusing how her daughter had already got a listing on IMDb, even before she was born, as Gal played Wonder Woman with the little one in her tummy.

Wonder Woman might be a comic book movie, but as the most successful female-led and female-directed superhero film, the DCEU installment's certainly had a huge impact on the film industry. They are like, 'Yep, you're Wonder Woman. but what's for dinner?' There's nothing like kids to keep you grounded.