Donald Trump Responds to Jay-Z's "Superbug" Comment


When arriving on the topic of Donald Trump's recent "sh*thole countries" comments, Hov admitted that the president's words were "disappointing and hurtful".

The spat comes after Jay-Z was asked by CNN's Van Jones whether it was okay for Trump to "say bad things but put money in our pockets".

Asked if the surging economy under Trump shows he's a good leader, Jay Z said that's beside the point. "It really is hurtful, more so, like everyone feels anger-but after the anger is really hurtful, because he's like looking down on a whole population of people".

Jay-Z also touched on the significance of the #MeToo movement by saying the allegations brought up "needed to be uncovered for the world to correct itself".

"What you've done was spray perfume on a trash can", he said, adding that more spray attracts more bugs and is not actually dealing with the trash: racism. As those things grow, you create a superbug.

Jay calls the president a "superbug" created when we repress racists like former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling after he was found to have made racist statements on a secretly-recorded private phone call.

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Donald Trump met with lawmakers from both the Republican and Democratic Party two weeks ago at the White House in an attempt to find common ground on the issue of immigration reform.

Trump reacted to the CNN interview early on Sunday. Those comments followed the New York Times report that the president complained that Haitian immigrants "all have AIDS" and that Nigerian immigrants would never "go back to their huts" in Africa after entering the United States. Money is not - money doesn't equate to happiness.

What do you think about Jay Z's point of view? Black unemployment is at a record low. "That's the main point", Jay-Z added.

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During the interview, Jones noted that black unemployment was historically low under the Trump administration, but the rapper did not appear impressed.

The superstar mogul then addressed the pedestal that his marriage has been placed on by the fans and media and explained that at the end of the day he and Bey have a real relationship like anybody else in the world.