'Day Zero' fast approaching for dam levels in S/Africa's Cape Town


Barring a major turn of events, one of the South African capital cities, Cape Town, will run out of water on April 12, or "day zero" as they're calling it.

Cape Town residents may lose piped water to their homes within two months if they do not act to counter the effects of the worst drought to hit South Africa's second city in nearly a century.

Journalists are calling it "Day Zero" and the date which was originally predicted to be April 22 has now been moved up to April 12.

The amount of water residents can use, has been capped at 50 litres daily beginning 1 Febuary, and the city may penalise households that use too much water.

Speaking at a DA gathering in Cape Town on the party's plans to beat Day Zero‚ Zille criticised the department's failure to provide augmentation schemes to prevent water shortages.

Local authorities have warned four million people that if they do not reduce consumption by "day zero" - 12 April - they will have to queue at 200 standpipes for daily rations of 25 litres (6.6 U.S. gallons).

Sign warning residents of water restrictions is seen in Cape Town South Africa
'Day Zero' fast approaching for dam levels in S/Africa's Cape Town

"People are running to supermarkets to buy water".

However, the measures have not been enough, forcing local officials to bring forward "day zero" by nine days.

According to The Guardian, Elliott's restaurant Cape to Cuba stopped serving tap water and is asking customers to only flush solids while using the restrooms.

Through making other behavioural changes, like not watering the garden, limiting the use of the washing machine to two cycles per week and re-using water wherever possible, we have been able to greatly reduce our daily consumption from around 18,000 kilolitres per month previous year to the current 7,000 kilolitres per month. "Even now, only half are under the 87-litre limit".

Western Cape premier Helen Zille has been tweeting a number of personal water-saving tips, including using a "skottel" (dish) to bath in. Without water there can not be life.

The cabinet was briefed by the Western Cape police commissioner‚ Major-General Khombinkosi Jula‚ about the "day zero" security plan for Cape Town.

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