Danish cops have charged all 1000


The move developed after the California-based social media giant alerted the United States authorities that the videos, along with a sexually explicit photo, were being spread online.

Most of the young people charged have only shared the videos a few times whereas as some have shared them several hundred times, police said. Then, the information was sent through the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) to Danish police, who initiated their own investigation under the name "Umbrella".

Police said it could amount to distribution of indecent images of children, as the two people filmed are under 18.

Despite the legal age of sexual consent in Denmark being 15, they said the videos could be considered child pornography. "We have taken the case very seriously, since it has serious consequences for those involved when material of this type is distributed. We really hope that it is an eye opener for young people, that they should be careful in the digital world about what you should do".

The sex in the video was initially consensual. It can have consequences for the victims and also for those distributing.

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Those facing charges range in age from 15 years to people in their 20s, Kjaerside said.

While this kind of revenge is undoubtedly a condemnable action, whether all those people who hit the "like" and "share" buttons also should be perceived as accomplices is still a matter of debate. The case is "very large and complex", Police Inspector Lau Thygesen said.

The case came to light after Facebook alerted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the USA, which in turn contacted American and worldwide authorities.

Facebook alerted U.S. authorities to the underage explicit material, as they are required to by law.

"What surprised me most was the extent of the case, the fact that 1,000 people can be included in this case shows how easily videos like this can be spread", the teenager said.