China warns of retaliation over U.S. tariffs


The government says Thai shipments of washing machines and solar cells will take a hit from recently approved U.S. tariffs created to protect American manufacturers. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said on Tuesday that President Trump has made his final decision on the issue, adding that Trump's decision clearly reflects his willingness to defend American workers and businesses.

And most solar panels aren't on residential or commercial rooftops in Georgia.

LG said on Tuesday it was disappointed by the move and called it a "misguided decision".

Cromwell and others say the costs of solar energy already have dropped so dramatically over the last decade that the industry can survive, especially because electric rates from nonrenewable sources continue to rise.

For Americans considering a shift to solar power, the new tariff is likely to raise the cost of a typical residential solar system by almost $700, according to one analysis (see below).

After imposing tariffs opposed by much of the US solar industry, the Trump administration is offering a $3 million prize to revive domestic solar manufacturing.

Research firm Wood Mackenzie estimated that over the next five years the tariffs would reduce United States solar installation growth by 10 to 15 per cent.

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Consumers considering solar panels are going to feel a similar sticker shock. The tariff goes up to 50% after that threshold is met.

Fortunately, back during the Obama administration, the Department of Energy began supporting efforts to help consumers lower the price of residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems through online price quote aggregators, like EnergySage and PickMySolar.

In the fourth quarter, the company accounted for 18% of US retail sales of washers, as measured in dollars, in the fourth quarter, according to TraQline market data provided by the research firm Stevenson Co.

"These tariffs are a mistake, plain and simple".

A federal trade panel recommended the tariffs, which had been sought by two US manufacturers.

If the prediction is right, the USA will lose 23,000 jobs, or 8.8 percent of the 260,000 workers in the industry. (KOREAN) " The U.S. has lost a case on safeguards before, so I hear they have prepared a thorough defense. "LG and Samsung have a cushion on the cheaper washing machines they can sell for the next few months", he said.