CES 2018: TVs Are The Big Stars So Far


South Korean flat-panel display maker LG Display Co. said Tuesday that it has showcased the world's first 65-inch ultra high-definition rollable organic light-emitting diode panel at the world's largest consumer electronics tradeshow in the U.S.

LG will also be showing off an 88-inch 8K resolution OLED display at CES.

LG OLED displays for Super TV's are industry leading due to their capability to replicate natural colors at greater precision and colors. Fast-forward to this week, LG has come back with its next attempt - only bigger and better than before.

This is actually the secret to the monitor - an OLED screen created to be so thin that it becomes as flexible as a thin strip of film or a sheet of paper. LG first showed off the wallpaper model previous year.

LG hasn't disclosed any other information about the product, such as its price,  but we expect more to be revealed as CES gets underway. That also means the rolled up portion of the new LG panel won't use any power while the strip at the top is in use. The new OLED G8 in particular is extremely thin, as shown in some of the images in the gallery below.

This makes for easier storage, while still achieving high resolution.

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LG says it is making its OLED TV even better for 2018, with the alpha 9 processor for 50 percent more powerful image processing than last year's lineup.

LG Display showed off an updated version of its "crystal sound" 65-inch prototype, which plays sound directly from the parts of the screen where the events are happening.

CES is the first platform of choice for companies around the globe to showcase their upcoming products and future technologies.

The TV can connect and control all of the other smart home devices as well. So for those of you who think that your new 4K TV is obsolete, the answer is NO. 8K OLEDs will take some time to become market-ready.

No pricing or availability is available now for the new TVs, which also benefit from a software and image processing overhaul to display colours more accurately and "enhanced image rendering".