Canadian officers see rising odds that Trump will go away NAFTA


President Donald Trump said in a new interview NAFTA could be used to pay for a new wall at the United States' border with Mexico.

The officials, speaking Wednesday on the condition that they not be identified, declined to say whether they now think the likelihood of Trump following through on repeated threats to quit the pact now exceed 50%. "We make a good deal on NAFTA, and, say, I'm going to take a small percentage of that money and it's going toward the wall".

President Donald Trump has said the United States would scrap NAFTA if the sixth round of negotiations, due to start on January 23 in Montreal, fails to yield results. "Guess what? Mexico's paying".

Three Mexican sources, who know about the negotiations, then claimed Mexico would exit NAFTA if Trump made a decision to trigger the six-month process to withdraw from the pact. Under spending plans submitted to Congress last week, the Trump administration wants $18 billion over the next 10 years to pay for the wall. High ranking Mexico government officials Thursday remained adamant on this point.

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Since the earliest days of his presidential campaign, Trump insisted he would build a wall between the US and Mexico as a way to stymie the flow of immigrants - and that Mexico would pay for the project.

The filing was made just as a sixth round of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks are set to resume January 23 in Montreal. It will be a positive sign if negotiators can close more chapters and agree to a way ahead on the most contentious issues, she said.

Canadian government officials say there's an increasing likelihood that US will give six-months' notice to withdraw from.

While she puts the chances of USA withdrawal at 50-50, "it's too early to throw in the towel on these negotiations", Cutler said.