Caitlyn Jenner accuses Kardashian clan of 'leaking stories' to the press


Jenner replied: "I definitely told her". It's life. It's part of my life and it's a very serious part of my life and I take that very seriously and so out of respect to myself and the community, it's not something that you joke about. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian were not only upset that the 68-year-old spoke poorly about their mom, Kris Jenner, in the book, but also because she didn't keep them in the loop about her transition.

Piers, whose interview with Caitlyn will air on Thursday night, defended his comment much to Caitlyn's annoyance.

Morgan asked if she had breasts at the time and Jenner said: "Yes, so yes I was honest to that point, I'm sure I downplayed it quite a bit but I was honest with her". People die over this issue'.

"As I said before, this is serious stuff".

Morgan then asked if Jenner sent the Kardashians an unfinished version of her memoir and she confirmed she left out "the last couple of pages where I talked about gender confirmation".

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"I had been on hormones for four and a half years.there are changes when you are on hormones which are tough to hide". "It's none of their business." before adding they had no reason to be "pi**ed off". She told Morgan the reasoning for this was that she "didn't want them to leak it to the press. We need to listen to and hear the voices and experiences of trans people from across society, and move away from misleading and sensationalised headlines that only create more confusion and mistrust".

Caitlyn was a regular on the Kardashians' show - Keeping Up with the Kardashians - during her marriage to Kris Jenner and is the father of Kris' youngest two daughters, Kendall and Kylie.

"You don't make a joke about that because it's not amusing, it's life", Jenner said. "The only ones I am concerned about are Kendall and Kylie".

"I don't talk to the Kardashians anymore", Cait admitted to Piers.

Addressing the current state of his relationship with the children his ex-wife welcomed with her late husband Robert Kardashian, she explained: 'I just don't communicate with them like I used to. They are my biological kids.