Brad Pitt outbid on GoT screening


Brad attended the 2018 Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Rising Gala in Hollywood charity event yesterday where he bid a hefty $120K Dollars (roughly $153K AUD) to watch an episode of the hit HBO series with the gorgeous Emilia Clarke!

The 54-year-old actor, however, was outbid during a silent auction at Sean Penn's annual gala for Haiti, held at Milk Studios in California, reported Variety.

Pitt was ready to cough up six figures to watch an episode of the epic HBO series with Clarke.

Other celebrities who attended Saturday night's festivities included the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Susan Sarandon, Lena Dunham, Kit Harrington, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tobey Maguire.

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During the charity gala, the auctioneer announced the opportunity to watch an episode with the Khaleesi, who was in attendance. The bid started at USD20,000 (RM79,750) and Pitt's fanboy instincts led him straight in with a USD80,000 (RM319,000) offer and then increased his bid to USD90,000 (RM358,875). And that's when Pitt raised his own bid to $120,000.

The victor of the "Game of Thrones" prize will have to wait some time for their screening because it was recently confirmed the HBO fantasy drama series won't return to TV for its final season until 2019. Alas, a fellow gala attendee won the auction with a whopping $160,000.

Clarke also picked up a prize at the auction after engaging in a little bidding war with DiCaprio over the same Josh Smith painting.