Apple To Replace iPhone Batteries Even If They Pass Genius Bar Test


For those unfamiliar, Apple recently admitted to limiting the performance of certain iPhones in an attempt to prevent the device batteries from shutting down without warning. While the rationale it offered does make sense in certain contexts, owners of affected devices were not amused.

There are already more than a dozen lawsuits against Apple over this performance throttling issue.

As of January 1, it will cost just $29 to replace the battery in an iPhone (for the iPhone 6 and newer) - though if your phone is covered by AppleCare or AppleCare+, replacements will still be free. That's even if the phone passes all tests and the battery is in good condition - that means it should not instruct iOS to slow the iPhone down anytime soon. After months of increasingly angry online postings, benchmark service Geekbench combed over its data and found evidence that iPhones were being slowed down. Despite our belief that we can recharge those flat storage units over (and over) again - Apple says that's not how batteries work, even lithium-ion versions which is what's inside its trademarked smartphone. The company is now taking steps to fix this big mess.

In addition, Apple began offering the new pricing for battery swaps on December 30 - about a month earlier than expected.

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The news was first spotted by the Fresh website iGeneration, which reported that an internal Apple Store memo said to replace batteries in these iPhones no matter if Apple's diagnostic test shows the battery can retain less than 80 percent of its original capacity or not.

In contrast, Piper Jaffray's Michael Olsen believes that AAPL is heading for $200 thanks to the three expected new iPhone models that could arrive later this year.

Following last week's unexpected announcement of a discounted $29 iPhone battery replacement program for users with iPhone performance problems, Apple has made a last-minute change.

It would seem the latter has been the option of a trio of plaintiffs in the U.S. who have filed lawsuits against Apple essentially claiming Tim Cook's crew failed to inform them about the processor throttling and that such enforced slowdowns were unethical and deceptive.