Apple employee shuttles are being attacked during work commute to campus


Mashable confirmed with Apple that the incidents were happening but the company did not say how the buses were being damaged; presumably someone is throwing objects (rocks?) to break the glass.

About four years ago, Google's shuttle buses were attacked that provide pick and drop facility to the company's employees.

Succeeding reports added that the Apple buses are not the only targets, as a Google bus also met the same fate.

A source tells us that due to the nature of how the windows were impacted, some suspect the weapon being used could be a BB or pellet gun.

Buses for Apple and Google employees have been attacked by unknown assailants in San Francisco, leading to smashed windows thought to be caused by pellet guns. A spokesperson with the California Highway Patrol told SFGate that the buses didn't have company logos on the outside.

It appears the buses are being targeted but it's not clear if they are being attacked by someone on the side of the road or inside a moving vehicle, Montiel said. One incident is said to have went down just outside of the city of Woodside, and another outside of Los Altos Hills. Of those, four involved Apple shuttle buses, while one was carrying Google employees. Fortune reports the attacks took place on highway 280, so Apple diverted its buses, though doing so adds up to 45 minutes of commute time.

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There have been no reports of injuries as a result of the attacks.

However, the buses of each of the tech firms are a distinct colour: Google's are white, Apple's are silver and Facebook's are blue.

Officer said rerouting the buses would be futile if the attacks were indeed targeted.

Following the incidents Apple sent an e-mail to its employees, saying that its coaches had been temporarily rerouted.

"We want them to be aware of their surroundings and if they see anything, let us know", he said.

Protesters have taken issue with the fact that tech companies - which famously pay very lucrative salaries to their many employees - have caused home prices to skyrocket in San Francisco.