A simple text message can crash iOS and macOS


A software developer has unearthed a security vulnerability in iPhones which can crash iPhones and cause them to restart simply by sending an iMessage. The message also causes the Safari browser on macOS to crash, and causes other slowdowns, according to the report.

The bug, which is dubbed chaiOS and is wreaking havoc on iPhones and iPad, freezes and then crashes the device if you open a specific link sent via iMessage. This bug won't cause your device to crash or damage itself permanently, but it is a pain in the ass.

The flaw has been named ChaiOS a play on the words chaos and iOS, Apple's mobile operating system - but is regarded by security experts as a "nuisance" rather than risky.

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When talking about user reports, the bug doesn't work consistently.

Another Twitter user Eric Ramirez has replied to the above tweet with what seems to be a solution on how to protect your phone from the bug. This renders the attack useless unless someone was to copy the code and post it on another platform to be disseminated again. The issue occurs even if the recipient doesn't click on the link, since just getting it causes problems because of how iOS previews web links. "My main goal was to reach out to Apple and say, 'Hey, you've been ignoring my bug reports.' I always report the bug before releasing something". Described as the chaiOS bug, Apple now tells Buzzfeed that a fix is expected next week.

Until we have a new exploit that can compromise the upgrade and allow us to jailbreak iOS 11.2.2, our best bet is to avoid installing the newest update from Apple.