Vikas becomes the captain again


Bandgi asks Puneesh to justify his actions as he did it without her permission.

Priyank convinces Puneesh to vote for him and in return Priyank will save him from the eviction if he gets a chance. In the washroom area, Puneesh, who is Shilpa's supporter, tells Shilpa that Akash and Arshi have used her. Arshi once again starts harassing Shilpa and tells her that most of the things she does are for the camera.

Arshi dances for Vikas and Hina dances for Priyank.

After inmates named Puneesh as the villain of the house, Salman confronted the Delhi ka ladka for misbehaving with Akash and throwing food. Current Captain Hiten is selected as the sanchalak for this task. And why did no one stop him when he was saying that?

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Vikas ends his friendship with Arshi. For the second song, Mera pant bhi sexy, Shilpa dances for Vikas and Luv dances for Priyank.

The first song to play would be Saath Samundar Paar and Arshi and Hina dance will support Vikas and Priyank respectively by burning the dance floor with their oh-so-impressive moves.

Will Vikas Gupta become a good captain? Priyank doesn't say anything and keeps laughing. He decides to go last and he breaks his promise he had given to Priyank. In an unseen BB11 video we see Shilpa in a light blue single dress in a conversation with her used-to-be foe Vikas Gupta and another contestant Puneesh Sharma.

An interesting moment in the episode was between Luv Tyagi and Priyank where the boys talked about their "friend" Hina Khan. Does this mean that she's actually getting anxious about her reputation outside the Bigg Boss house and wants to come out clean? Salman also agrees that Puneesh is the villain this week. He told Hina about her wrongful act and reprimanded the team.