US Vetoes UN Call To Withdraw Trump's Decision On Jerusalem


Trump also said he would put in motion plans to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city, but signed a six-month waiver putting the move on hold.

Aside from the United States, Britain, China, France and Russian Federation can veto any resolution presented at the council, which requires nine votes for adoption.

The issue of Jerusalem is particularly complicated and sensitive, and involves the basis for finding a solution to the Palestinian issue, Xinhua quoted Wu as telling to the Security Council.

Rycroft said his country believes that Jerusalem is a final-status issue and that Jerusalem should be a shared capital for Israelis and Palestinians. Thank you, President Trump. "Now the UN General Assembly period will start", Ibrahim Kalin said on Twitter. No country has veto powers in the 193-nation assembly.

Weinstein now echoes Israel's archenemies, Obama & Co., in suggesting that President Trump should have exacted "needed concessions from Israel on various settlements" (which is the word leftists use to describe homes built on Israeli land) and "to force the PA (Palestinian Authority) to control Hamas violence..."

"The United States chooses to disregard global law and ignore the worldwide consensus".

City spokesman Salem Sharara said, "We have made a decision to cancel the traditional Christmas singing and dancing because we are in a time of dispute, because of what Trump has said about Jerusalem", Reuters reported.

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Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas had already scrapped a meeting with Pence and his Fatah faction had called for mass protests during the visit which had been initially been scheduled for Wednesday.

On what happens if the USA vetoes the resolution, Rycroft said the US could speak for itself that they would be vetoing the text because it was not in line with its own position. Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as their capital. "It is one more example of the United Nations doing more harm than good in addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict", she said on the draft resolution that would have called upon all states to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions in Jerusalem.

Several UN resolutions call on Israel to withdraw from territory seized during the 1967 war.

The Palestinian people's heritage was intimately interwoven with that of the city and East Jerusalem was the capital of Palestine.

Jakarta police spokesman Argo Yuwono said the protesters marched peacefully about 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) from the National Monument Park to the U.S. Embassy.

Haley, who used her veto power for the first time as USA ambassador, stressed that the United States still supports a two-state solution "if that's what the parties agree to".

The US veto came almost a year after the previous US administration abstained in a council vote condemning Israeli settlements, allowing that measure to pass. Any outcome of such a session is non-binding, but carries political weight.