The Nintendo Switch Has Reached 10 Million in Sales


More or less the same as Sony's PS4 launch.

The Nintendo Switch has undoubtedly been one of the success stories of the year. It's not quite an apples to apples comparison, but the PlayStation 4 has sold through 10 million consoles by mid-August 2014, 10 months after its November 2013 launch.

No one apart from hardcore Nintendo enthusiasts had given Switch a chance, even after the console reveal there were many who thought Switch would just not be able to compete with the big boys. Nintendo is clearly onto a victor with the Switch and its mammoth sales growth goes to show it. That would put the Nintendo Switch at 16.7 million units sold in its first year of release, on pace to exceed lifetime sales of the Nintendo Wii U (which shipped 13.6 million units total over a five-year period). Switch is expected to top that within its first year of sale. After the Wii U's dismal failure, many had very little hope for Nintendo's next system.

If we take the above stats in to perspective, it suggest that the Nintendo Switch might indeed be on its way to match the success of the PS4. Combined with sales for the first few weeks after the device's release, technically in the prior fiscal year, and the forecast would mean 16.7 million units moved in the first year and change.

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The Nintendo Switch Has Reached 10 Million in Sales

Does this spell disaster for the Switch?

With the holiday season underway, the Switch (See it on Amazon) is bidding fair to set a historical record, even compared with other, extremely popular consoles.

Will you be picking up a Switch this holiday season?

Earlier this year, Nintendo Switch owners were surprised to learn that Starbreeze's action-packed bank heist multiplayer game, Payday 2, would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

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