Surprise! Apple Releases iOS 11.2 to Combat Reset Loop Bug


Apple's new iOS 11.2 update fixes this problem.

Releasing iOS 11.2 on a Friday night is a bit odd, but that might be because some iPhones keep rebooting themselves because of a time bug. Apple also included a host of fixes for first-party apps, including a resolution to a Mail issue that could cause the app to appear to be checking for new messages even when a download is complete.

We have seen the last stable jailbreak of iOS 10.3.3, as for the iOS 11, there is a beta version of jailbreak that has been given to the public.

There are a variety of other, more minor tweaks in iOS 11.2.

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In most cases, simply turning off the iPhone X and turning it back on again will make Face ID activate successfully. Well, you will be more surprised after updating to iOS 11.2 as it will offer new features to your device. Tap the name and turn off the Allow Notifications toggle.

To disable notifications, go into Settings, select Notifications, and then tap any app that may be sending you local notifications to turn those off. Disappearing music playback controls from the Lock Screen have also been addressed, together with layout issues like conversations in Messages being partially covered by the keyboard. Typically, Apple released major software updates at midday, but this one is. special.

The catch right now is that the backend support for Apple Pay Cash isn't up and running just yet. If you're an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus owner, iOS 11.2 enables faster wireless charging with certain compatible charging pads. For both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, Apple now allows for 7.5W wireless charging, which will allow you to speed up the wireless charging speeds of your iPhone, as long as your wireless charger is also capable of supplying the required power.

With Apple Pay Cash, iMessage users in the United States can send money to their friends or request money from others via Apple Pay.