Sarah Palin's son again arrested on domestic violence charges


Former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's son, Track, was arrested Saturday night after he allegedly beat his father at his parents' home, according to court documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

Track Palin was slammed with several charges, including felony first-degree burglary, misdemeanor criminal mischief and fourth-degree assault, and remained in custody as of Monday morning.

As cops were responding, they got an update that Track had broken through a window at the Palin house and was assaulting his father, Todd. The elder Palin said he fetched a pistol to protect his family. Track reportedly broke a window to gain entrance to the house and began punching his father.

Police say that when they arrived they had a stand-off with Palin in which he moved around the house and at one stage went out onto the garage roof.

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'Communication was attempted which failed due to Track yelling and calling myself and other officers peasants and telling us to lay our guns on the ground before approaching the residence'.

Attorney John Tiemessen, who said he represents Sarah Palin, acknowledged the arrest Sunday. Court records do not list a defense attorney of record in the case.

"Given the nature of actions addressed last night by law enforcement and the charges involved, the Palins are unable to comment further". "They ask that the privacy of the family be respected during this challenging situation as it would be requested by other people who care for a family member in distress". The Army veteran was arrested in January 2016 for threatening to shoot himself with an AR-15 after he punched and kicked his girlfriend in a drunken tirade, police reports alleged.

While the charges of assault and interfering with a police report were dismissed, Track ultimately plead guilty to brandishing a weapon. It was the second time in two years he has been arrested on charges related to domestic violence.